3 Important Tips When Moving Long Distances

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3 Important Tips When Moving Long Distances

23 February 2018
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Moving across the country or to another state is drastically different than moving into a different neighborhood. It requires a lot of planning that you may not be used to. You can make sure this process goes smoothly by keeping these tips in mind, though. 

Keep Certain Items With You

There are some items that you need to keep on hand during these long-distance moves, as opposed to packing them with the rest of your possessions. So right when you arrive, you won't have to search through dozens of boxes just to find them.

Personal documents you'll need to keep separate include bank statements, licenses, passports, tax returns, pay stubs, and invoices. Also, consider packing clothes for the first couple of nights, and personal hygiene products to keep you fresh until the move is completed. You can keep these items in a separate box inside your vehicle -- so that they don't get mixed up throughout all of the chaos. 

Protect Your Mattress 

One of the most important possessions you have is probably the mattress, and it can get pretty beat up when traveling great distances. For example, it can get bent out of shape, chipped, and also dirtied throughout these long journeys.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can safeguard your mattress. You could, for instance, purchase a protective covering that your mattress goes inside. Coverings made out of thick polyurethane, in particular, provide your mattress with added protection. There are also mattress boxes you can secure your mattress in, which cost a bit more. 

Hire the Right Long-Distance Movers 

When moving to another state, it's almost a given that you'll need help from long-distance movers. You shouldn't just hire any professional, though. You need to make sure they have specific experience moving people great distances.

Focus on the number of years a particular moving company has been in business. The longer they've been open, the better service they probably can provide. You'll also want to assess credentials, making sure the moving company has licenses and insurance. So if something does happen to your possessions during these long journeys, you won't have to pay for any replacement costs. 

Starting your life over in a new place, let alone moving across the country, can be somewhat frightening. You can ease these nerves and ensure your move is a success by making the appropriate preparations, well in advance to moving day. Everything then will go smoothly and you can simply enjoy the process. 

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