Three Ways You Can Make That Cross-Country Move Go More Smoothly

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Three Ways You Can Make That Cross-Country Move Go More Smoothly

26 February 2018
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If you've recently made the decision to move across the country, you're probably feeling a mixture of excitement for the upcoming journey as well as a certain amount of apprehension, particularly if you don't have any experience dealing with long distance moves. Although there's probably no foolproof way to ensure that everything arrives at your destination intact, there are strategies designed to ensure that cross country moves go as smoothly as possible. Following are three things you can do to help minimize common moving problems and to enjoy the move as much as possible. 

Map Out Points of Interest Along the Way

If you'll be driving to your new community with children in the car, you probably already know that bringing plenty of games and books is essential in order to keep them occupied. However, stopping at various points of interest on the trip is also an excellent way to keep little minds from succumbing to boredom and becoming restless as a result. If you're traveling solo or with an adult partner, checking out some points of interest along the way helps break up the monotony. Places to stop include petting zoos, farmers markets to pick up fresh fruit for snacks, and parks and playgrounds. 

Make Reservations for Places to Stay 

Although it's probably tempting to simply wing it by going as far as you possibly can before stopping for the night, this strategy may have unpleasant consequences. You'll probably pay more for a room when you simply show up without an advance reservation, and you may end up having to stay in a less desirable part of town, therefore increasing the risk of vehicle break-ins and other safety issues. 

Although most of your possessions will be in the moving van, you'll probably be transporting certain items such as electronics and hard copies of important personal documents like birth certificates and real estate deeds in your vehicle, so you want to minimize chances of someone breaking into you car. Always choose motels with parking right in front of the door and take valuables inside the room with you. 

Partner With the Right Moving Company

Choosing your movers carefully is one of the essential components of a hassle-free move. Look for a company that has a stable track record of doing a great job for their customers. If you've antiques or other sensitive items, make sure you hire a company that offers temperature-controlled vans to minimize chances of your things becoming damaged as a result of exposure to extreme heat, cold, or humidity.