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I have always absolutely loved seeing new places and doing new things, which is probably why moving has never been difficult for me. I like new challenges, which is why I volunteered at my job to work at field offices across the globe. Although the moving process was a little bit overwhelming at first, emotionally it was an adventure, so I worked hard to make the entire process into a great experience. Within a few months, things had really become a lot better, and we were enjoying an excellent new town every few years. Read this website to find out how to make moving a little more fun.


3 Important Tips When Moving Long Distances

23 February 2018
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Moving across the country or to another state is drastically different than moving into a different neighborhood. It requires a lot of planning that you may not be used to. You can make sure this process goes smoothly by keeping these tips in mind, though.  Keep Certain Items With You There are some items that you need to keep on hand during these long-distance moves, as opposed to packing them with the rest of your possessions. Read More …

How To Get Things Done When Moving From One Office To Another

21 February 2018
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If your business is currently in the process of being moved from one office to another, you could be concerned about the halt that could happen to your productivity. Of course, a commercial relocation can definitely get in the way of you getting things done. However, if you follow these tips, you can help ensure that you and the others in your office do not get behind any more than necessary during this move. Read More …

Want A Greener Move? Use These Wise Packing Tips To Reduce Cardboard Usage

18 February 2018
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Being more environmentally conscious in the home is a goal that many Americans strive to achieve. So when the time arrives to pack up and move from your current home or apartment to another one, it is understandable to want to be vigilant about choosing recyclable materials for the packing process, such as cardboard cartons. An even greener moving option is to actively strive to reduce the number of cardboard cartons needed for the move by using wise packing tips and this information will offer you some tips to help. Read More …